Tuesday, 19 July 2011

GO NUDE......

Heya girls..!!

Its time for the TREND REPORT (TTP):

Color me Nude..:O

Nude has been the black for quite a sometime now..(you all know that..). Buh, this shade is the most trickiest shade of all, especially for all indian beauties(like us..oh, u fair color ppl dont have to worry abt it..lol)
These nudes range from peach to yellow, to pink to browns..(suit urself, sweethearts..!)

Few celebs carrying it out perfectly...

(check out the smokey eyes too....fav...)





  1. Hey, could you tell me the names of the third colour from the left in your first picture (next to the really pale one, above the word "Nudes") and all the six colours on the bottom of the second picture, below the word "Perfect". I would really really appreciate it!!!

  2. so chaud,creme cup,please me
    snob,twig,vegas volt, crosswires
    if u wna go for nudes..
    try see sheer,lush amber,myth creme d nude..

    hope this was helpful..
    lme know which 1 u got


  3. Thank you! I still haven't found my dream colour, but I'm hopeful :) I want something a delicate girlish light pink... not deadly pink like Pretty Please, I can't wear colours that nude, I look like a corpse. Definitely not neon... light and delicate. I'll find it someday!!!

  4. try candy pink or baby pink from revlon--revlon colorburst lipsticks..