Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Flower Nail Art with Konad Stamping.

My first ever attempt to Nail Art Stamping

I got my stamping kit from a beauty supply store. Please, ignore the mess. I have been wanting this kit from soo long but since it wasn't available in India, i really had to wait..
But, now since i have it, m all set for it.

It isnt a very tricky thing, but u just need to get a hang of it.

1.Stamping Kit whicjh includes a metal plate, scrapper and the stamper.
2.Base Nail Polish
3.A white nail polish(Konad)

Step 1. Apply the base coat on ur nails, i used a metallic nail paint. Wait till it dries completely.
Step 2. Apply the white nail polish on the design on the metal plate, scrape it and stamp it with the help of the stamper.
Step 3. Gently, stamp the design on ur nail in a rolling motion.


More Designs coming up soon.

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