Wednesday, 7 December 2011



I know I always take alotta time posting art. but thats just because im really really busy with work these days..u all know the wedding season is on.
Anywaz, getting back to the post..
Its about nails this time.. ;)
Dark colored nail polish is not new in winters...but this time its deep dark, its soo deep that it almost looks BLACK(but its actually not)
Deep blues, purples , burgundy, metallic shades and gold are the colors which are talking this season.
Go Grab them all..! :)

Brands offering the colors:
Elle 18,Street Wear, Maybelline, Deborah, Loreal, OPI.
You can easily buy these nail polishes on the leading cosmetic sites like , , etc.

Hope it was helpful! Try out the colors and send me pictures..:)

DISCLAIMER: I dont claim to own any of the photos. I just picked them randomly from Google.

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