Sunday, 20 January 2013

FARA Nail Polish Review

Hey Gorgeous!!

Do u too get bored of same (almost same) nail paint colors...Well, I really do. No matter, how many types of pinks I have, they are from the same family and my nails and I really get bored.
I just realized, I haven't done a nail polish review since forever!

   So, in my recent search of nail polish, I came across the brand - "Fara".
I guess they launched sometime back in India, because while browsing for the review I found 'NONE' of it.
So, I wanted to give this brand a try and why not for just Rs. 49.
The shade I ordered is Leaf Green 104. Its a leafy green color as the name suggest :P
I was in a hunt to try out a new color, and it really satisfied me.
You need to apply 2-3 coats to make it totally opaque. I applied 2 coats.

According to the brand:
    "Fara nail enamel is a simple one stroke application and fortifies nails along with providing them a high shine and intense color" 
Fara Nail Enamel is formulated to dry immediately and chip resistant. It does not yellow the nails and is long lasting.

1. Freshly manicured look after drying,
2. Easy to apply brush
3. Leaves no residue while removing the polish.

According to me:
1.Its surely does dry fast.
2.I have this color on from the past 4 days now, and it hasn't chipped nor has the color started to fade (like in some nail paints it does)
3. The brush is nice.
4. I can't say about the residue as I haven't removed it yet.

1. High Quality
2. Affordable
3. Chip Resistant
4. Staying power is excellent as per the price.

1. Not available in many shades.

Its a great nail paint, very affordable, high quality, chip resistant but not available in many shades. 
I totally love the shade I ordered. 

YES, I am ordering it in every shade ;)

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