Friday, 9 March 2012


    Sorry for being MIA all this while, i have been really busy with work.
I promise more reviews, makeup tutorials and all the other stuff.
Anyways, I am here reviewing NATURE'S ESSENCE GOLD BLEACH.
I have always been using OXY bleach, but saw this new product in the market
and without doubting abt it, tried it( my biggest mistake).

What the product claims: “Lightens hair to match skin color, and makes skin fairer and glowing. Its mild formula gives more natural texture with no irritation to the skin”.

Price : Rs 50 for 43 gm

The pack contains a cream, activator powder and a spatula. The cream is white and has a thick consistency. The powder is a light yellow and has a strong pungent smell.  When mixed together it forms a cream colored paste and the smell is not as strong.

I am completely disappointed with this product.Once I took off the cream from my face, i got black patches/spots on my face without any glow and neither my skin was lightened. I am simply hating it(why did i use this product). The chemicals reacted very harshly on my skin.
Had to take an anti-allergic medicine, and according to my mom, its fading now.
I hope these spots fade away as quick as possible.

Please do a patch test on you arm before applying on face and I being a bond completely neglected the step.

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