Saturday, 31 March 2012

No HEAT Tight Bouncy Curls..

Hey friends,
                  Its heard..  "Hair brings one's self image into focus, its a tangle of mysterious prejudices."

Talking about tangles, I am in love with curls-be it soft curls, out curls but my favourite at the moment is tight bouncy curls. But, phew its really a job to do it with a curling iron.
For some reason, my brain is working a lot lately..and got an idea of curling my hair without heat..Yea, i know many people have done it, and i am not being a scientist at all..hahaha...(Something's wrong)
So, here how i did it...I loved it and its fun..Hope u like it too..

Things you need:
1. Foam (Yes, that yellow colored sheet of foam, or any)
2. Scissors
3. Water spray
4. Serum
5. Hair

1. Start with damp hair, you can waterspray each strand or you can do it like I did, freshly washed hair.
2. Cut the foam in thin stripes or in french fries shape :) as per the length of the hair.

3. Take small sections of hair, water spray them , take the french fry and wrap around the hair and tie    it.SIMPLE!! (Yes, its that easy)

4. Repeat this to ur whole head.

5. Leave it on for minimum 2 hours or max. 6-7 hours.
And that's it, you have beautiful tight curls without heat.

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Take care..


  1. Awesum Niks...I just loved it, will try it shortly and share my feedback...btw great idea it

  2. @Jyoti: thanks a share pics with me... will be waiting..:)

  3. this is totally awesome nikita..i tried the stockings one from mehaks blog and it came out nice..will try this for sure..

  4. @pavani reddy: thanks for share pics...